She Inspires: Maxine Waters


Long before she became a trendy topic, meme, or gif on social media, U.S Congresswoman Maxine Waters was my shero. When I was 21, bright-eyed, and a Washington intern, I advocated for the relief of Liberia's odious debts.  

Ms Waters was one of the supporters of the Jubilee Act, a bill that called for the expanded debt cancellation and responsible lending. This bill would be instrumental in helping the issue of vulture funds and odious debt relief for developing countries. I met her at an event in DC and she was nothing short of lovely.

Congresswoman Waters is known for her straight-talk and no nonsense approach on the Hill. She's the Congresswoman for California's 43rd congressional district, and previously the 35th and 29th districts, for 26 years. She is one of 12 Black women in Congress, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and a member of the Democratic Party.

Ms. Waters is a voice on the Hill needed now more than ever. Let's take a moment to celebrate a national treasure in American politics.