Chantal Victoria


Chantal Victoria (Chantal Victoria Bright) is a first generation Liberian-American. Due to the civil wars in Liberia, her family sought refuge in the United States where she grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She holds a master's with a concentration in environmental management from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor of arts in English and political science.

She resides in London, England.


Janjay (published 24 May 2017)

Janjay goes Upriver ( Coming Late 2019)



The Blogs

Channi Writes

Blog # 1

'Channi Writes' is where you will find posts about books, author quotes, women who inspire me, topics on politics and culture as well as my thoughts and experiences as a 30-something-year-old Liberian-American, married, and living in London.

Frequent posts will cover the following categories:

'Book Mark'

I majored in English literature many moons ago because I have a genuine love for reading. I'll post about books on my reading list and books that left a lasting impression.

Post Category (Book Mark)

'Powerful Quotes'

 Quotes I love by my favorite authors.

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'She Inspires'

Let's face it, even though women have come a long way to achieve gender equality, we still have a long way to go. For women of color, the journey is even further and far more difficult. There's something to be said about women of color who manage to beat the odds and become successful in their fields.  I'm not saying I am only inspired by women of color, but as a Black woman, I have a greater appreciation for women who dominate industries and also happen to look more like me.  Oprah once hosted an event for all the living legends who inspired her. In the same vein, I'll write about women of color who inspire me.

Post Category (She Inspires)  

sub-Category (She Inspires -millennial edition) - posts on inspirational millennial women of color.

'Pardon My Opinion'

Here you will find posts on culture and politics. I'll explore the complexities of culture as it relates to global politics.

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Everything Else. (including travels, beauty, health, fitness, life in London etc)

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behind the book

Blog #2

'Behind the Book' is a series about my creative writing process.

Sample posts include the following topics:

  • Developing characters

  • The publishing process

  • and more...

Follow my journey as a writer