She Inspires: Wendy Williams


Whatever your opinion might be of her, you can't deny that she pioneered celebrity coverage of the hip-hop community way before hip-hop became a mainstream genre of music. She's a media mogul, a six-time New York Times Bestselling author, fashion designer,  executive producer and creator of her show,  and currently, the only Black woman to host a talk show on American daytime television. The Wendy Williams Show is nationally syndicated and in 40 plus international markets.


She began her career as a Radio Personality/DJ for 20+ years in Philadelphia and New York City before national syndication. She's gained notoriety during her time on the radio for conflicts with celebrities over her highly opinionated coverage. 

I grew up listening to Wendy on the radio during my summer vacations in New York City and later when she moved and entered the Philadelphia market. She may not be everyone's cup of tea but what sets her aside from other entertainment news show is her straight-talk opinion. Through her Hunter Foundation, she has funded camp opportunities for lower-income children, shelters, and homelessness. 

This Ocean county, New Jersey native is  a Northeastern University graduate with a degree in Communications.  

It's important to support Black women bosses such as Wendy Williams even though she might not have the image of "an Oprah." In the category of celebrity gossip/entertainment news, she's a leading force. Let's salute all Black women in Media.