I'm a Blogger! One year in the making.

I can't believe I did it! I remember the anxiety I felt to post for the very first time. This feeling continued for at least three months, but eventually, I gained my confidence.

First Post 30 August 2016




I've dabbled with blogging through Tumblr but never on my own platform. When I left my full-time corporate role, June 2016, I wanted to explore my love of writing. I was also planning to release my very first book "Janjay"  so I thought what a better time than now to start blogging.

Sharing my writing for the world to see made me vulnerable because I am allowing others to critique my opinions, my grammar, my presentation. It's much different than writing a tweet or a long caption on a social media post. It's personal. 

Of course, I could have censored myself more, but I wanted to be authentic. And I have. 

Throughout this journey, I've learned a lot about myself. I learned how to articulate myself in a way that forced me to evaluate viewpoints of others.

Thank you for reading and sharing my posts. I hope you will continue to support me. 


Down Memory Lane!