4 Must-Read Celebrity Memoirs of 2017

2017 reading list just got longer...

Sure we've seen them on our favorite television shows and listen to them on the radio during press tours or even skim through occasional articles about them while waiting in the check-out lines at the supermarket. But nothing gives us more insight into the lives of our favorite celebrities than biographical books, "written" or told by the celebrity themselves.  I'm fascinated by their journey and inspired by their accomplishments. Even though I prefer to read classic fiction novels,  I enjoy reading memoirs about people in pop-culture who inspire me. This year in particular, many of my favorite celebrities released autobiographical books and I can't wait to read them. I set a goal for 7 books in 2017 but it looks like the list has grown and may spill over to 2018 because there is no way I can resist reading these books.

Here are my "MUST-READ" celebrity memoirs of 2017. 

1. Kevin Hart, "I Can't Make This Up- Life Lessons"

Kevin Hart is arguably the hardest working man in Hollywood today. He's more than just an entertainer, he's one of the smartest, business savvy celebrities out there. Not to mention, he's a Philadelphia native, like myself. He comes from humble beginnings and is a great example on how to build generational wealth.

2. Charlemagne tha God, "Black Privilege: Opportunities Comes to Those Who Make It" 

I've been following Charlemagne's career since I was in high school and he was the side kick radio personality to the queen of "say it like you mean it" Ms. Wendy Williams. Since moving on from Wendy, he's built a reputation on New York's Power 105 The Breakfast Club trio morning show for his unapologetic, honest, opinionated commentary and raw interviewing style. He used this platform to launch TV shows on MTV and his own podcast. His first book is a New York Times Bestseller. He also comes from humble beginnings of rural South Carolina. I'm intrigued by how he managed to build a successful career in radio entertainment without completing school and becoming incarcerated.

3. Gabrielle Union, "We're Going to Need More Wine : Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True "

I've been a fan of Gabrielle since the 90s when she starred in a string of teeny-bob movies well into her 20s and 30s. I was pleased to see Gabrielle represent the limited number of darker complexion Black women in Hollywood. I've read quite a few of Gabrielle's interviews in magazines where she has candidly discussed snippets of her life. I'm interested to learn in this book how it all fits together. 



4. Gabourey Sidibe: "This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare"

The New York native " Halfrican" (Half African, her father is from Senegal), Gabourey's acting debut and break-role as the lead character in Precious earned her spot in Hollywood. The independent film was produced by Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels. Despite the criticism about her appearance as being overweight and having darker skin tone, Gabourey has continued to progress in Hollywood as an actor, executive producer and director. Through all the criticism, she remains positive, confident, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Looking forward to learning more about her journey. 


Look out for a review on my favorite (if any) from this list!