Africa Utopia

One of the things that I really enjoy about living in London is having access to African events. Most of the Black people in London are first to fifth generation African or Caribbean descent, which means they usually have relatively close ties to their heritage, and they embrace it! This is a big deal to me because from my experience living in the States, there's this subconscious pressure to assimilate to American culture (at least publically) and I don't get that same impression living in London.

This past weekend I attended an annual 4-day event called "Africa Utopia." The event takes place at the South Bank Centre, where the backdrop of the location is the London Eye and Houses of Parliment (Big Ben).

Since moving to London, this has been by far the best weather I have seen but of course, on Saturday, the day I attended the event, the weather was crappy. Despite this, the event was still fantastic!

I enjoyed the diversity of activities and programs. From art to music, fashion to food and books, everything was so well orchestrated; there was something for everyone.

My only regret is attending just one day of events. Next year I'll be sure to take part in all four days.