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Janjay goes Upriver

Children's Book about friendship set in Liberia


Janjay is back! This time she’s headed Upriver to visit her grandmother. At first, she’s not too excited to leave her friends behind during a long school break but then she meets Tania---an American girl also visiting Upriver and the two become fast friends.

 Although the girls live worlds apart, the pair has a fun time discovering together what Upriver has to offer until drama between their families threatens the newfound friendship. 

 But Janjay is not willing to end her friendship with Tania so easily. 


Age Range 9-12   

2nd book in the Janjay series


Children's Discussion Guide

Developed to enhance children’s reading and understanding of the book. The guide can be used on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small children’s reading group.

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Janjay goes Upriver

by Chantal Victoria

illustrated by Adebayo Dare

Janjay is back and this time she's traveling Upriver to visit her grandmother's village.

Coming Fall 2019

JANJAY Front_Cover-02.png


by Chantal Victoria

illustrated by Adebayo Dare

Children's book on clean water sanitation set in Liberia.

Published 24 May 2017

Paperback I eBook I Audio



Janjay The Coloring Book- Inspired by the Janjay children's book series by Chantal Victoria

by Adebayo Dare

Coming Soon


Learn more about the creative process behind each book

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