Janjay: Inspirations Behind Janjay

Top 3 Reasons Why I Wrote Janjay

1. Tackle the Diversity Gap in Children's Book- It's important to me that ALL children see themselves represented in books. It's not just about having diverse stories, it's also important to have diverse writers. Some of my favorite and canonic books with Black main characters, Amazing Grace and The Snowy Day were written by White authors Ezra Jack Keats and Mary Hoffman.  While I appreciate both authors for advancing multiculturalism into mainstream literature, it's still important for people of color to be the storytellers. Tackling the diversity gap in children's books also means having diverse writers tell diverse stories and ensuring that diverse people are also a part of the publishing industry.


2. Raising Awareness on Access to Safe Water-  Reportedly, 663 million people are without access to clean water. The group that is burdened the most by this crisis are women and girls. Girls begin fetching water for their families at a very young age which has lasting effects into womanhood.


3. Tell a Liberian Story- I have always been a fan of the Caribbean and African literature. I love the way writers from Ghana, Nigeria, and the British West Indies tell stories about their heritage and native countries. As a Liberian, I want people to read Liberian stories and see the characters in themselves and or in their own lives. I want my words to make readers understand the culture and share my love for Liberia. Not enough Liberians are apart of the literary movement, and I'm not sure why; but I hope to change that with Janjay.


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